Thursday, October 28, 2010

Leipzig -- Thomaskirche

Warning -- another non-beer post. I'll try not to make a habit of these.

Long before I ever heard of Gosebier, I've wanted to visit Leipzig. In college I took a number of music course as electives and one of the professors had recently spent a year in Leipzig (1970-71). She was a specialist in Bach choral works so it was a good place to be. She was forever talking about the Thomaskirche (where Bach spent the bulk of his professional life) and how great the acoustics were. It was also a great way to waste time in class -- somehow work the discussion around to Leipzig and she'd talk for 10 minutes until she realized we were just trying to "run out the clock" on the class :)

So just some pictures for now...

There was a small service going on when entered. The members were singing hymns and although there weren't many of them, their voices filled the church.

This is just part of the ceiling. If there hadn't been a service going on I would have tried to take multiple pictures and make a panorama

And to work in beer slightly -- across from the church is a brewpub: Brauhaus and der Thomaskirche.

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