Friday, October 29, 2010

Walking around Berlin -- Part 1

Our main goal was to find draft Berliner Weisse. In this, we failed. But we visited a few nice pubs and a bunch of brewpubs and got to see some of the city, so overall it was a good day.

We started in the Nikolaisviertal on the advice of a friend who in the past spent lots of time in Berlin. First up was Zu Letzten Instanz -- which claims to be the oldest pub in Berlin. It certainly looked the part. No draft Berliner Weisse but some beers to try anyway.

We had a Schultheiss Pils, Kindl Jubäliums Pils and a Märkische Landmann (Dunkel). All were fine but not terribly interesting. The Landmann was the best of the bunch.

Just about around the corner was Georgbräu, a brewpubs along the river. Two beers, Hell and Dunkel. The Hell was Ok but the Dunkel was foul, nasty, infected and undrinkable. The smell alone was almost cause me to lose my lunch. Needless to say, we didn't stay long.

Next on the list was Zum Nussbaum, another quaint old pub. We had a Potsdammer Rex Pils (Brewed by Kindl) a Kindl Pils and a Kindl Bockthe Pils were ordinary but the bock was quite nice

We had one other place to check out -- the Alt Berliner Weissbier Stube but no draft Berliner Weisse and all the other beers we'd had so it was off to Alexanderplatz to find another brewpub. Along the way we saw a bunch of one man walking Bratwurst stands. I'm not sure I'd want to walk around with a propane pipe between my legs.

We soon found Brauhaus Mitte, a gait restaurant and brewery and surprise surprise they had four draft beers: Hell, Dunkel, Weizen and a Festbier. We skipped the Weizen for the first round.

All were decent, but the fest was too sweet. We had found enough of these overly sweet beer to think maybe it was a feature not a bug -- that must be what the locals liked. We decide to try the Weizen and it was OK but nothing special.

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Rob Sterowski said...

Berliner Weisse is supposed to be bottled, isn't it? As far as I'm aware there is no tradition of serving it on tap.

Anonymous said...

Had it on tap from the Potsdamer Braumanufaktur at the Berliner Bierfestival this August.

Still waiting for part two, Fred !