Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Wöllnitzer (Jena) Weissbier

So we hop of the train at Jena Paradies and grab a taxi to the Talschänke in Wôllnitz. The driver takes up a large hill and drops us in front of what looks like a private house, and drives off. There is a sign that says "open daily from noon" but it looks deserted. Before we panic we walk around the side and find the pub.

Inside we order three "flavors" -- plain, with raspberry and one with caraway seed.

All three are great. I was surprised that I liked the caraway but it was quite refreshing. The base beer is sour but not painfully so.

In round two we included a Waldmeister version. The best green beer I've ever tasted.

If you find yourself near Jena, make tracks for Wöllnitz.

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