Friday, October 25, 2013

A trip to the Munich suburbs

We caught the S7 line out to Pullach, intending to visit Isar Bräu a lovely little brewery,  in a converted train station, only to find out it was closed for renovation. So we hopped back on the S7 and took it back thru town and into the south east Munich area to Perlach home of Forschungs Brauerei.

Forschungs Brauerei

The brewery was founded in 1930. The name translates as "Research Brewery" so I guess it was somebody's "pilot brewery" at some point.

We started off with the "Sommer Hell" and "Naturquell Dunkel." Unlike all of the other Munich Dunkels we've had, this one had an actual roast malt character. And the Hell, while lighter in alcohol had a wonderful refreshing flavor.

Sommer Hell and Naturquell Dunkel
It was well past noon so we ordered a bit to eat -- Käsespätzle -- the German answer to "Mac and Cheese."


Next up was the Pilissimus Export. I had heard good things about this, Jim and I each got one.

Wow, was this a nice beer -- by far the best one in Munich and probably the best since Bamberg. At 5.6% it was a tad strong but I could drink it all afternoon.

Pilsissimus Export
Until a few years ago they were only open April to mid-October but now are open year round. The beer garden was clearly the main area but there was a quaint inside pub as well.

Inside the Gaststätte

Inside the Gaststätte

The beer garden

The final beer they had on tap was the St. Jakobus Blonder Bock. It was more amber than blond and very tasty. But at 7.6% on a warm afternoon, it was a bit nap inducing, so we split one.

St Jakobus Blonder Bock

There were people in the beer garden drinking multiples of these -- I guess they were not at the end of a 2+ week beer trip.

You can just make out the brewery in the upper story of the buiding. Looks to be the original kettles.

We headed back to town for our St Jakobus nap.

We headed back towards the Augustiner Braugaststätte but along the way we came to the Gaststätte Bavaria and I remembered I'd had a nice dinner years ago, so we stopped in for dinner and a beer.

Gaststätte Bavaria
The only draft beer was the Augustiner Hell, which is what I would have had, had we made it all the way to the Braugaststätte.

Augustiner Hell
This by far the best of the "big" Munich breweries and the first few sips were nice, but by the end of the glass I was getting bored and really didn't want another one. That seems to be my problem with most Munich beers -- no staying power.

While we were eating the place started to fill up and soon was packed with locals having a good time on a Friday night.

Tomorrow we travel to Frankfurt for one night and then fly home early Sunday morning. It has been a good trip but it will be good to get back home.


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