Thursday, October 17, 2013

Walking Around Cologne Drinking Beer

My well laid plans went astray when I realized the first place on the list didn't open until 3pm. So we just winged it.

 We walked down the Rhine for a while, then turned inland until we came to Heumarkt, home of Malzmühle.

Brauerei zur Malzmühle
We all ordered a Kölsch and  a bowl of soup (most of us had potato, some goulash )

Mühlen Kölsch
Many years ago this kölsch was darker and maltier but in recent years it has moved more towards the "standard" -- to their detriment I think but it is their brewery.

They were heavily advertising "Van Mühlen" -- a champagne style beer. At €20/bottle for 750ml it is a bit expensive, but we all chipped in a got a glassful.

Von Mühlen
It actual was much nicer than I had figured. It us 7.1% abv and tasted a bit like a Belgian Triple. It appeared to be filtered and they had no mention of "méthode champenoise."  If it buy was half the price I might occasionally buy one.

They also had a wheat beer so we tried it. it was a well made, Bavarian style wheat beer. Can recommend it to those who like that style.

Mühlen Weizen
 We moved on to Pfaffen. At one point this was "Päffgen in der Altstadt" until the owner argued with his brother (the owner of Päffgen) and built his own brewery. Unfortunately, it was too far from Cologne so he can't legally call his beer a "kölsch." Ooops.

Originally there were some problems but now the beer is very good, not matter what you  call it. They also have a seasonal bock, which while tasty was a bit too sweet to enjoy more than a small glass.

Pfaffen Bockbier and non-Kölsch

 We moved down the street to Bierhaus in der Salzgasse, the current Päffgen outlet in the old town. They tried calling at "Brauhaus in der Salzgasse" but since it wasn't and had never been a brewery that was not allowed. Oops.

Bierhaus in d'r Salzgasse
 The Päffgen Kölsch is usually my favorite and this one was good. The Pfaffen might be a bit better though. I need to come back for further research.

Päffgen Kölsch
 Running out of time, the train to Bamberg is calling. Will try and finish later....

Gaffel Haus

Gaffel Kölsch

Peters "Brauhaus"

Peters Kölsch

"Brauhaus" Sion

At least it is served the traditional way

Sion Kölsch


Früh Kölsch

Braustelle Ehrenfeld

Helios (unfiltered Kölsch)

Braustelle Pale Ale

Phoebe Caufield, Pink Panther and Schwarze Sieben 

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Rick said...

Have to agree about the improvement in Pfaffen. I too think it's better than Päffgen now. And their weizen was pretty good too. Schreckenskammer was extremely good my last visit as well.