Monday, October 21, 2013

Arrived in Salzburg

We arrived in Salzburg after a few delays with German Rail. 

We found our hotel, drop our bags and headed for Kloster Mülln, home of Augustiner Bräu.

Along the way we passed the Stieglbräu so we popped in for a beer. I would have been rude not to have. 

Stiegl Goldbräu, Zwickl, Weizeb
We all agreed the Weizen was pretty tasteless -- just not much there. The Gold and Zwickl were better and it pretty depended on whether you like the residual sweetness of the Zwickl. We all agreed they were well made beers but not particularly interesting.

Kloster Mülln
 As we headed towards Mülln, we had to cross the river (Salzach) we afforded a bunch or tourist (i.e. non-beer) pictures. Some are provided below...

We soon reached the rear entrance to the Stübl, which is a bit uphill

Then you go down a grand staircase to the "food court" area...

Where you chose a mug from the rack and give the cashier your money. He gives you a ticket which you give to the pourer, who fills your mug.

It was a warm day so we retired to the beer garden.

One of the stands sell a large radish that has been spiral cut into one long piece and then sprinkled with salt. I think it counts as a vegetable.

We were getting hungry so we headed to Bärenwirt, a nearby restaurant of great character.

 Of course they serve Augustiner....

A bunch of us had the wild boar sausage with potatoes. It was wonderful.

We headed back across the river for a nightcap or three at Die Weisse. Of course, it was time for tourist pictures again.

Die Weisse had only one wheat beer on draft (the "Original") plus there Märzen, "Max." Märzen in Austria means something different than in Germany. Here it is pretty close to what you would call a Helles if north of the boarder.

They also had Trummer Pils (another local beer) so we order a couple plus a bottle of their Dunkel weizen and their Weizendoppelbock, Jubilator. All were very good but the Jubilaor was exceptional.

We then headed to 's Kloane Brauhaus, a tiny brewpub not far from Die Weisse

They had a weizenbier and a kellerbier. The wizen was good, the kellerbier was fair -- no problems but not up to Bamberg standards.

Tomorrow we are off to Bergheim to visit Isi Bräu

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Erlangernick said...

Rettich is indeed not only a vegetable, but mighty good for you too, curing all sorts of ailments from the rickets to lung cancer, if the natives are to be believed. Next time you're at Roppelt's Keller, bring one along and have Gerhard from Forchheim show you how to cut it properly. It's a pretty cool trick.