Sunday, October 13, 2013

Walking Around Antwerp Drinking Beer

We had an early start on Saturday, meeting at Oud Arsenaal at 10:15 for a morning beer.

Oud Arsenaal
I had a Rodenbach Grand Cru but others had their first bolleke of De Koninck. In October you get a snack of North Sea shimp with your Grand Cru -- a tradition of coastal Belgium.

Rodenbach Grand Cru with a side of North See shrimp
I split a 3 Fonteinen Intense Red Oude Kriek with Tom. The cherries were very intense but the base beer was not as interesting as I would expect from 3 Fonteinen. Maybe the cherries were masking too much or they figured it would so had a simpler base beer.

3 Fonteinen Intense Red Kriek
Oud Arsenaal is a great little pub and always busy on Saturday mornings with the outdoor market nearby.

Oud Arsenaal Interior
We wandered thru the market, just browsing. When we are in town for a beer festival we often buy cheese from this truck. They have an amazing selection and prices are very reasonable.

Cheese Truck at the Saturday Market
We walked over past the Cathedral to a place to which I had never been, Den Billekletser. It is a wonderful corner pub on Hoghstraat just down from Antwaerps Bierhuiske.

Den Billekletser
Inside was a cozy little pub with a fairly good beer list.

Inside Den Billekletser
We all started off with a glass of La Chouffe.

A round of La Chouffe
I next ordered a Nello's Blond from Brouwereij De Arend in nearby Hoboken but they were out so I went with their bruin, Patrasche. It was very nice.

Brouwereij De Arend Patrasche (from nearby Hoboken)
Running of time, there is a beer with my name on it waiting. So enjoy the pictures for now and I'll add the words later...

Another Dry Hopped Saison DuPont at Antwaerps Bierhuiske

Paters Vaetje for lunch

De Dolle Dulle Teve

Unlabeld beers -- What are they?

Maybe the caps can help....

Six different years of Stille Nacht going back to 1987

The last remnants of the Stille Nacht flight

Goudon Carolus Hopsinjoor to clear the palate

La Trappe Quercus, Buffalo Stout and Hof Ten Dormal

The Pedestrian tunnel under the Scheldt

Antwerp from the other side...

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Billekletser = (literally) buttock clencher