Friday, May 24, 2019

Last Day in Prague

I’m on the way back home so no time for a detailed post, just the images. Make up your own story, it is probably more interesting.

Lunch at Pivovarsý Klub

I had the Břevnovsky Benedict.

Goulash for lunch

Zloun Pear Sour. Big mistake.

Cute little brewery setup in the window. Available for rent.

Redoing a railway viaduct.   Big round wooden things make me think of foeders.

Bethesda Bar

One beer on tap, Mouflon 11º

Missed my side street and got sucked into tourist central (a/k/a Karlův most). What is worse is I had to fight my way thru them to get back on track.

U Kunštátů.

Ferdinand Max 11º — not bad. Was a little disappointed— remember it as better. The waitstaff was trying to be helpful and giving out all sorts of wrong information.

Back near tourist central to catch my tram, I do like this view.

Mrtvá Ryba — where I am by far the oldest customer. I really like this place.

What I didn’t have.

Kamenická 12º

Guess where?

Hostomice 12º

Hostomice Tmavé 14º — my last beer in Prague.

It was a great time. Visited lots of new places, missed some old favorites but drank at others.]

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