Saturday, May 18, 2019

Second Day in Prague

First stop of the day is U Šumavy and restaurant and bar run by the same folks that do U Slovanské Lípy and U Vodoucha. Very good Czech food and a great selection of beer.

The front room has the bar with a row of taps.

Next is room with tables, and a somewhat easier to read beer list.

I went with Hořehled 12º, a beer I don’t remember having (or at least I don’t remember spelling) Interesting that you can get both a Pilsner Urquell and a Budweiser Budvar — not too many places have both.

It was an OK beer but a little too bit buttery for me to enjoy it. But I am sensitive to diacetyl and others who are not so sensitive would probably enjoy it.

I wanted a light lunch as I’d had a big breakfast. I thought I ordered an appetizer and a bowl of soup but it turns out I order bowls of two different soups, one garlic and one sausage and cabbage. Bother were good but I did get a look from the waitress.

For my second beer I had the Qásek 13º, a polotmavý speciál (meaning stronger amber beer)

It really was light for a polotmavý. It was a little darker than the picture but still fairly light. I figure she probably brought me the wrong be, for which I blame myself.

One of the reasons the line of taps was so wide is that they all use Czech side pull taps, which take up more space. But they make a glorious picture.

I hopped on a tram and was soon at Vyčep, a tap room for Pivovar Dalešice.

They have three beers on tap

I started with the Dalešická 11º, which was a nice, drinkable beer. 

One knock is they do serve .4L glasses rather than the traditional .5L. Sadly, that is becoming more common in Prague.

Next up I tried the Kouřící Králák 12º. The waitress warned me that it was “half dark” (the literal translation of polotmavý). I told her it wasn’t a problem. It was a very nice beer, a bit malty, a bit hoppy.

Next it was back on the tram and then a hike up a hill to Pivní zastávka, a bottle shop with three taps for on site drinking. In the last year or so it came under new managed and reportedly had step up it’s game by added taps and increasing the bottle selection.

In the window something you probably won’t see elsewhere

Three beers on tap and since I wasn’t in a mode for an IPA-ish beer I went with the Albrecht 10º

They did actually have one bottle of Westvleteren 12 for sale, only Kč 450 (which is about US$23). But hurry, it is the last one.

We walked back down the hill and caught the tram back toward the city center. When we got off, I noticed a pub with brewery sign I didn’t recognize, so we wend in and had a beer.

Měštanský Pivovar v Poličce — Citizens Brewery of Poličce. Think “Bugerbräu”

The beer was nice but a heavy not of butterscotch, which is another way diacetyl can manifest. One was enough for me but I could see somebody less sensitive really enjoying this beer. It was the unfiltered 12º

Around the corner is a new place, Lya Beer Cafe. It is run by a couple who do the website They are both expats, she from the US, he from Sweden.

They have four beers on tap plus a growing bottle selection.

I had the Klínec Katz Kylián Porter.

It was a nice porter with a hint of bourbon flavor. It was nice, but what I really wanted was the Hostomice,  so I had once of those next.

I really like that beer. This one was in better shape than the one I had at Craft Beer Spot the day before.

Around the corner from the them, close by the famous Bad Flash Bar is a new place for me, Sběrné Suroviny

They are just coming off a tap takeover from Pivovar Čestmír.


Still not in a mood for anything IPA-ish I had the Albrecht 11º

I liked this a bit better than the 10º although both are good. This is a bit of a strange pub though. It is in the basement although the front room with the bar has windows. The other rooms are like caves dug into the hill. I wanted to leave a trail of beer coasters so I could find my way back from the Gents.

It was getting hungry and headed back towards my hotel.  A bus came first, which meant I’d have to change at Náměští Míro. The bus stopped outside what used to be called Putica but now is Retro Restaurant.  Their claim to fame is they have Uněticé tankovna, both the 10º and the 12º. The only place in Prague that I know of that does.

Soon I had a glass in front of me.

For dinner I had another sausage and cabbage soup, this one with some sour cream.

And the meal was a pan fried piece of cod with asparagus, that being season now.

Both were delicious. For desert, I had another Uněticé 12º

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