Tuesday, August 9, 2016

Arrived in London

The travel was uneventful -- I missed the Delta meltdown by a day. After getting settled in our rooms, we headed out for a beer.

First stop was a new place for me, the Resting Hare. It is owned by the same folks as Euston Tap, Holborn Whippet, etc.

Decent beer list with 8 kegs and 4 cask...

Went with a local brew, Redemption Trinity, a tasty, hoppy 3% beer.

I learned later that their house Lager and Schwarzbier were brewed by the Anker brewery in Ochensfurt (near Würzburg) -- a brewery I visited on a bike tour in 2010. Have to come back for it.

Then it was over to the Euston Tap, one of my favorite places in London. They have 15 keg beers and 8 cask

When with the Orbit Neu Alt -- I visited the brewery the last time I was in London -- they specialize in German styles.

We noticed they had one beer both keg and cask so we decided to order a half pint of each. Tom ordered the cask but I when I ordered the keg version they said it had just kicked. So I had a Redemption Fellowship Porter. which I think I had here last time I was in London.

Then it was over to the Bree Louise for some food and a beer. They had a tap takeover from the Tring Brewery so I tried their Red Ride. A nice spicy rye character.

For a night cap we headed over to another new for me place, the Scottish Stores, just around the side of the Kings Cross station.

I was warned that the keg beers at the front bar weren't that interesting but to check out the side bar. There I saw an Orbit Citra Kellerbier. Couldn't pass that up.

I liked it but it was too much Citra for me, the last third was harder to finish than the first two thirds.

Jet lag kicked in so we called it a night.

Friday, August 5, 2016

Beer and Bike Trip About To Start

I'll be riding with a friend from London to York thru Oxford, Birmingham, Derby and Sheffield. And of course drinking beer.

Follow along at www.TheMadBrewer.com

Friday, February 26, 2016

Arrived in Stockholm

After a long day (LA -> Seattle -> Amsterdam -> Stockholm) I arrived at my hotel. After checking in and getting settled I decided it was time for a beer. About a block away was Bishop's Arms pub. This is a chain of British themed pubs in Sweden. I had been in a couple in Malmö about 5 years ago so I knew what to expect.

Inside, it could have been a pub anywhere in Britain. The beer list tended towards British (obviously) and American craft beers, with some international industrial beers thrown in. And a few Swedish ones.

 I went with the Oceanbryggeriet Arbetarporter, from Goteborg. It turns out to be a 9% Imperial Porter. Very, very nice.

I decided to leave the couple of other interesting Swedish beers for a future visit, and headed off to The Flying Dog, a couple of blocks away.

I don't know if there is any formal connection with the US brewery of the same name, but their logo was all over the place. They specialized in American beers with no less that six taps of Ballast Point and five of Speakeasy. Plus a couple of Flying Dog. They did have some Swedish craft beers, though.

I started with the S:t Erik's IPA (S:t = Saint).

It was very caramelly and biscuity with not a lot of hop flavor but quite a bit of bitterness. It was a very drinkable beer.

I hadn't eaten in a while and the had a planked salmon on the menu to so I ordered it.

Very nice and hit the spot. I needed another beer during the meal so I ordered a Sigtuna Double IPA.

A very nice beer. Lots of hop flavor and bitterness with some sweet malt to back it up. But it's 8% alcohol and the large meal did me in. The jet lagged kicked in and I went back to my hotel and crashed.

Wednesday, February 24, 2016

Off to Stockholm...

... to "research" Swedish beer. Except there is a Franconia Beer Festival on so I my be distracted.

I won't promise to blog, but I will try. But I will be tweeting regularly so you can follow my antics at www.twitter.com/FredWaltman (don't need a twitter account to read).

Sunday, October 18, 2015

More walking around Antwerp drinking bee

Our traditional Saturday in Antwerp involves an early Bolleke at Oud Arsenaal, then those that are interested take a walk thru the open air market.

I'd seen the market and didn't have anything to buy, so I stayed for another beer, this one the house beer, Arsenaaltje

When the group was back together we walked around the Cathedral...

...to  place called Bar Deco. From the outside it doesn't look that interesting but they have a decent tap list and a wonderful bottle list, including lots of lambics.

I had a Kriek Boon -- a bit sweeter than I like but very refreshing.

Then it was over to Antwearps Bierhuiske, one of the better beer cafes in Antwerp.

I started off with a 3 Forquets Lupulus a hoppy Belgian IPA (of hoppy Triple if you prefer).

Keeping on the theme, next was Choufee Houblon, another Belgian IPA. Both were great.

We needed some food so we walked around the corner to Gollem. Their tap list has gotten better over the years, many more interesting beers.

I had the Schelde Brouwerij Zeezuiper with my Vlaams Stoofvleees.

Way too much food -- the stew was made with Westmalle Dubble.

Then it was 4pm and you know where we were next...

I hadn't had the La Trappe Quad, so I did.

Tom ordered an Oerbier so I had an Arabier. Both were nice, hard to choose which I liked better.

Getting ready to call it a night, we went out with a bang -- De Struise Black Albert and Mikkeller Black. The Black Albert was "only" 13% but stood up well. As somebody once said, don't be afraid of the dark...

Sunday we will take our trip into Brussels.

Friday, October 16, 2015

Walking around Antwerp drinking beer

The first stop was Oud Arsenaal -- we wanted to get there with to start the day to try the two Trappist "Monk's" beers they had -- Westmalle Extra and Chimay Doree. 

They were each about 4.8% and very delicious. I could drink either one all day -- I guess that is the point...

Next we headed over to Gollem for beer and a bowl of soup. I started with the Triple D'Anvers, De Konnick's very nice triple.

The soup of the day was "Tomato Chicory" -- it was tasty but strange. Not much tomato.

The had the Troubadour Magma Triple Strike Brett on draft. I had to try one...

I enjoyed it but a small glass was enough -- the flavor built up on your tongue and so got overpowering.  It has a wonderful hop aroma and the hop bitterness and the Brett character worked -- for a while.

Next we walked down the street to a new (for me) place -- Cafe Pardaf.

The tap selection was not so interesting -- lots of Leffe but they have a great bottle selection. I had the Weize Triple -- a new beer for me that won somebody's award of "Best Triple of 2014.' I couldn't argue.

By now it was close to 4pm and we had an appointment at the Kulminator. Again, started with a Bon Voeux. Can't go wrong with that...

Moving up the alcohol line, next was a Bush Noel -- sweet but not too sweet and very drinkable for 12% alcohol.

We next had a flight of Stille Nacht, going back to the early 1990's The pale one on the left is 2014 -- quite a difference.

The oldest Stille Nacht on the menu is 1987 so we tried one of those. Wow, still a great beer.

Then we got a treat, Dirk brought out the original 1982 Stille Nacht from his private stock. Over 30 years old  and still a great beer.

I didn't actually get to drink this one but they had an empty bottle of Spencer, the Trappist beer from Massachusetts...

Going down hill, we decided to have some Triples. Leen brought them out blind -- we knew what two of them were but not the other two.

We picked out the Westmalle but failed on the others...

The beer of the week was a Barley wine from the Netherlands -- I met the brewer once at the Kulminator (he is a friend of Dirk and Leen's) so I thought it might be rude not to try his beer. Very, very nice.

My brother had a "come to Tsjeesus" moment so  took a picture...

My finishing beer was to be a Mikkeller Black, a wonderful 17% beer. I got about two sips when said brother managed to spill it while passing it around the table.

So as penance he bought two VIven IPA's for the table. I remember them as being tasting but at this point I don't remember much else.

That was it for the day. We overdid it enough that we skipped our plan day trip to Brussels.