Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Düsseldorf, Here I Come!

If you read this blog or are a beer geek you've heard about the special beer brewed by Brauerei zum Uerige in Düsseldorf - Sticke. For the past 10 years bunch of us have tried to be in Düsseldorf on the third Tuesday in October, one day when the beer is served. We've missed it a few times, but they have always saved a keg or two for us when we come later.

Well, the Stickebier is also served on the third Tuesday in January -- and that is next week. I managed to get a decent airfare (for these days, that is), my twin goals of drinking beer in other places and keeping my frequent flyer status converged and a bought a ticket.

So watch this space next week (hopefully) for some reporting on the trip. I have a couple of free days and I thought I'd visit some nearby breweries:

Side Trip 1: Bonn, Seigburg and Trioisdorf. I've always wanted to visit Brauhaus Bönnsch in Bonn, but never seem to have had the time. The brew their version of Kölsch (the beer of Cologne -- or Köln), called of course "Bönsch." They designed a special class for it, basically a Kölsch stange with a hand grip. You see a picture of it next week.

Since I was headed out that way (its an hour train ride from Düsseldorf) I thought I'd make a few stops on the way back, if I have time. In Troilsdorf, the Stadtbrauerei ("City Brewery") brews a beer they name "Troilsch" -- I think you see a theme here.

Depending on the connections back to Düsseldorf I may have to change trams in Siegburg, which just happens to have a brewery, Siegburger Brauhaus so I'll make a stop if it's not too late.

The other free day I thought I'd head to Wuppertal which in addition to a brewery (Wuppertaler Brauhaus) is famous for a suspended railway that runs down the middle of the river. I've always wanted to see it, this is my chance.

On the way back, the train passes thru Schwelm, which is home to Privatbrauerei Schwelm which is an "old" brewery (1830) that was formerly owned by the mega-brewer Veltins. They were planning to close it but it was bought by a weathly man with an interest in beer and he has turned it around. We sometimes get their beer in Los Angeles (in bottles) so I thought I'd see how it tastes when its at home.

So watch this space for beer updates.


Anonymous said...

"Einmal im Leben durch Wuppertal schweben" - you'll love the Schwebebahn. It is in fact a tramway with the wheels on the roof!

I'm curious to hear about the Kölsch nephews in Bonn and Troisdorf.
By the way, do you know Rengsch?
Another relative from Fürstliches Brauhaus Thurn und Taxis, Regensburg.

The Mad Brewer said...

I've been to the Füstliches Brauhaus in Regensburg but don't remember the Rengsch. But it was a long day of drinking. Have to look for it next time I'm there.