Saturday, January 17, 2009

Travel Status -- On my way to Düsseldorf

7:45am Saturday: At LAX and all seems to be on time. I have a short-ish connection in Detroit so any delays are a problem. Fingers are crossed

5:00pm EST: Made the connection in Detroit by about 5 minutes! Of course now we sit and wait to be de-iced.

8:00am Central European Time: Plane landed early, the bus for Terminal 1 was waiting and when I got to the train station there was a train to Düsseldorf leaving in 10 minutes. I am on a roll, but I'll probably get to the hotel too early to check it. I'll have to think of something to do to kill a few hours...

I spoke to soon: the conductor just announced "Due to technical problems this train will end in Cologne." I knew things where going to well!


Neal said...

That's good news really. Drink some Kolsch! I love Peters myself..

The Mad Brewer said...

No Kölsch for me this trip. I'll pass thru Köln on my way to Bonn and Troisdorf to try those bastard nephews of Kölsch -- Bönnsch and Troisch