Wednesday, August 28, 2019

Day 15: The last day

Well, Bob’s last day, anyway.  I left it to him to choose and he said he’d heard about the food at Brauerei zur Sonne in Bischberg but we hadn’t eaten when we stopped. He had to pack up his bike that afternoon and he didn’t want to do a long ride.

So we made the short ride to Bischberg and started with their always excellent Helles.

Lots of choices on the menu, so we started with Pfifferlinge soup. Delicious!

We both had Käsespätzle and another Helles. Again, delicious.

They had a Dunkles and a Pils and tap as well so we thought we ought to try them as well. There were good but I still like the Helles more.

Then the short ride back to Bamberg where Bob began to disassemble his bike to fit in the suitcase.

We had a 6pm meeting scheduled with my Bamberg friend Frank so soon we headed out (on foot).  It makes me sad every time I pass this...

Sandkerwa was still going full swing but we found some seats in the garden at Schlenkerla.

Pretty soon all tables were pretty much full. No food service either, so we checked inside and it was practically empty. And the beer was cheaper.

 So we went inside,  ordered another beer and of course a Bamberg Onion.

I had tried to order a Kräusen but I guess that ends with Sandkerwa, so another Märzen and then off back to the apartment.

Managed to catch a nice sunset crossing the Ketternbrücke.

I almost don’t want to post the track, the measly 14.5km but in the interests of transparency...

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