Thursday, August 29, 2019

One Last Update

After seeing Bob on his train, I went back to the apartment, put some Beethoven on the iPad, sat on the couch and read book. Very relaxing. There may have even been a nap involved.

When dinner time rolled around I hopped on my bike and road over to Fässla Keller. In previous times it was Maisel Keller and was the taproom for the attached Maisel Bamberg brewery. When the brewery closed Fässla acquired it. The Fässla brewery has a nice, partially covered garden in the back but it is now pretty much occupied by smokers so if you want to drink outside the Fässla Keller is your best bet.

I started off with the Gold Pils, my usual Fässla beer. This was softer, less bitter, more Helles like than I remember their Pils. But it was good.

Dinner was a couple of pieces of fried Pollock (Seelachs) and Kartoffelsalat. The potato salad was cool (not chilled, think “cellar temperature”) and didn’t have any bits of bacon or other foreign matter, just some parsley sprinkled on top, Maybe some region of Germany makes their potato salad with lots of vinegar and bacon and serves it hot, but I don’t remember ever having it. Not sure why in the US we insist that the hot stuff is “True German Potato Salad.”

They actually have four beers on draft, instead of the two at the brewery. I thought about having one of the others, but I was happy with the Pils so a few more were consumed.

Somebody obviously used a white board marker on a real blackboard, requiring the use of duct tape for the price increases.

Wednesday decided to make one last ride down to Pettstadt. It is a very nice ride down the Canal/Regnitz.

The Löwenbräu Buttenheim served at Schrauder Keller is gravity dispense (“Bayerische Anstich”). It was early, so he had a small barrel on but by the time I left he was pouring from a larger one.

I know this beer isn’t on many peoples top 10 lists but drinking it on a nice day at this keller is up there on my list.

The holzdeckel on the top is one that was made for the 555th Anniversary of the Pettstadt Ferry

While there a lady rode up on a horse, dropped the reins and went up and bought an ice cream. I think there was another woman on a bicycle with her who watched the horse for the minute the rider was away. Do horses drink beer?

Not sure why I took this picture — blues skies, leafy trees and good beer.

I was getting too comfortable so I decided to ride back to Bamberg. I had been meaning to visit Sternla to see if there was any info available on their new brewery, which I understand is installed but they are not yet serving their own beer. They were promoting the brewery on their menu and the current estimate is they will release a Bockbier in late October.

Right now Sternla is one of the few places around that has both Spezial and Schlenkerla on draft.  I had the Spezial.

Not a bad beer choice.

It was getting on to dinner time and they had 1/2 Gögerla (chicken) on the menu so I had one. It’s that thing on the wooden platter that sort of looks like a sesame roll. It was very good and they also sell it to go for €4.50 which I’d definitely do it I stayed nearby. By the way, the “Starry Night” thing is my new Kobo Aura One eReader that replaced my Kindle. This is my first trip with it and I am absolutely loving it.

Just under 17km so a short day. Thursday I will be packing the bike as I leave Friday morning for Frankfurt, so this was my last ride except maybe for lunch on Thursday.

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